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Alice in the Cities is a 1974 German road movie. This was the first part of Wenders' "Road Movie Trilogy" which included The Wrong Move (1975) and Kings of the Road (1976). Pina is a 2011 German 3D documentary film about the contemporary dance choreographer Pina Bausch. Wings of Desire (Der Himmel über Berlin, translated literally as The Sky over Berlin or Heaven above Berlin) is a 1987 Franco-German romantic fantasy film about invisible, immortal angels who populate Berlin and listen to the thoughts of the human inhabitants and comfort those who are in distress. Paris, Texas is a 1984 drama film. The plot focuses on an amnesiac who, after mysteriously wandering out of the desert, attempts to revive his relationship with his brother and seven-year-old son, and to track down his former wife who abandoned their family.

Wim Wenders (born 14 August 1945) is a German filmmaker, playwright, author, and a major figure in New German Cinema. Alongside filmmaking, Wenders works with the medium of photography, emphasizing images of desolate landscapes.




Human After All. The first issue of UNDER PRESSURE features the work of Talia Chetrit, Keith Arnatt, Edward Ruscha, Lothar Hempel, Josephine Pryde, John Cage, Lorna Simpson, Robert Mapplethorpe, Fred Lonidier, John Baldessari, Igi Ayedun, Larry Clark, Ceryth Wyn Evans, Daido Moriyama, Joseph Beuys, Christopher Wool, Michel Majerus, Edward Watson, Mark Steinwetz, David Goldblatt.

Texts and excerpts by Tibor Kalmann, J. G. Ballard, Claes Oldenburg, Guy Debord, Jessica Smith and Alex Ross. Photographic essays by Sergey Rogov and Mathieu Vladimir Aillard. Cover photographed by Logan Jackson. The mag-zine has 88 pages, with saddle stitch binding and softcover. Shipping worldwide.

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