March 2016. We are happy and honored to introduce our third issue made in collaboration with Dazed Media co-founder Jefferson Hack. The issue also features the work of Hick Duarte, Helm Silva, Cristiano Madureira, Alina Gutkina, Willem Jaspert, Cian Oba-Smith, Yaniv Edry, Camilo Fuentealba, Winter Vandenbrink, Fabien Montique, Michael Salerno, Kristiina Wilson, Larry Clark, Tobias Zielony, Gary Simmons and Hubert Crabieres. We also publish in this issue the Hack The System manifest which is part of the book "We Can't Do This Alone: Jefferson Hack The System" that will be released in May 2016  by Rizzoli. The cover of this issue is part of the series "Youth" by Brazilian photographer Hick Duarte.

The mag-zine has 88 pages, printed in a 5.25" x 8.25" format, with saddle-stitch binding and softcover. Shipping worldwide.